Ohio Conference Updates on the Coronovirus and Precautions

Dear Newark Church Member and Guests,

We are happy to announce that we will be resuming our Sabbath School and Worship services at Newark SDA Community Church on Saturday June 20, 2020. Sabbath School will begin at  10:30 AM; Worship Service at 11:30 AM

We have had some serious and challenging times, and it has not been easy on any of us.  But we thank the Lord for His mercies, for health, for the opportunity to open our doors once again to worship together, and continue our assembly, especially during these times (Hebrews 10:25).  With opening our doors also comes a serious responsibility to ensure all members are safe.  Therefore, we need to be vigilant to ensure all, young and old, are not exposed to the Covid-19 virus.  Therefore, we want to take a moment of your time and ask you to read through the general guidelines below to get a better idea as to what to expect when we come back: 

  1.  There will be only one entrance and exit to the church, and that is through the main entrance. 
  2. We will start our adult SS at 10:30 AM and our worship service at 11:30 AM, However,
  1.  both services will follow a simple format. 
  2. We will not have children’s SS for the time being.
  3. We will reduce the number of hymns to one or two hymns per service.
  4. All hymn books, Bibles, and tithe and offering envelopes will be removed from the pews. 
  5. Tithe and offering envelopes will be placed on table in back of church. 
  1.  We will not have potlucks until further notice.
  2. We expect all members to wear masks.  If you forget to bring a mask, a mask can be provided.    
  3. We will take the temperature of everyone entering our facility.  Those with a temperature of 99.7 will be asked to attend at a later date.  While this may sound invasive, it has been put placed in order to take care of your health as well as others. 
  4. Disinfectants will be provided in the restrooms and foyer. 
  5. Hand sanitizers will be provided in the restrooms, foyer, and other locations for easy access. 
  6. We expect you to keep a 6-foot physical distance from other members not in your household.  We ask that you not shake hands or hug. 
  7. We ask you bring your own water bottle.
  8. Seating in the main sanctuary will be arranged in such a way to assist you to keep physical distance.
  9. Tithes and offerings will be dropped off at the back of the church. 
  10. In case you choose to stay home, we will broadcast our service over Zoom. E-mail Jeff Davis for ID and Password at jeffd56@gmail.com.

We want to thank you for understanding and complying with these guidelines to ensure that we all stay healthy.  We also ask you to be patient with us.  We are trying to get used to this new temporary normal. 

May the Lord continue to bless you.

In Christ,


Steven Manoukian
Pastor, Newark SDA Church

As of February 6, 2021 our church is now open for services. Everyone must enter thru the main entrance to the Sanctuary and were a mask.  Your temperature will also be taken. We have mask available at the door for those who need one.