Pastor's Corner

Welcome to our New Pastor Steven Manoukian 

“Pastor Steven Manoukian was born in Beirut, Lebanon and has been in ministry for over 22 years.  He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business and Theology from Middle East University, a Seventh-day Adventist institution in Lebanon.  He then went on to get his Masters from Newbold College in the United Kingdom.  Steven has served in Lebanon, Jordan, Arabian Gulf region, and the United States.  Steven loves traveling, interacting with people of different cultures, and tasting international food.  He is married to Jill Marie Taylor Manoukian and have two children, Stephanie (12) and George (8).”

Pastor Steven’s Contact info: 

Cell Phone: 1-317-403-5014

To view Pastor's sermons on You Tube while we are not meeting in person due to the Coronavirus Pandemic: Here is the link:
Youtube Link: